My memories begin as a five-year-old-free-spirit discovering and creating anything 'beautiful.' I was bold, creative, curious, and loved adventure. It stands to reason that when I spray painted the neighbor's black hearse a sparkling shade of silver that I was destined to be an artist. Now that I'm in my 7th decade, my free spirit has settled down a bit (the hearse owner would be glad). Still, curiosity, creativity, and an eye for beauty define me.

Lots of things inspire me in my art. I love traveling, and have been afforded the opportunity to do a lot of it. I then share our travel destinations with others so they can experience the beauty out there too. Another passion of mine is ornamental gardening. Flowers and travel are, without question, my favorite art subjects. Collecting beautiful words has been a lifelong hobby. Inspirational quotes give me a sense of hope, strength, peace, and community. Mixing inspirational words with beautiful images influences my art. Doesn't this world need a little more beauty and inspiration spilling out everywhere?

Other interests and hobbies are walking on the beach, books, exercising, and fashion. My family is my foundation and wellspring of joy. My husband and I enjoy nothing better than time with our kids and grandkids. We live in a colorful cottage on a little lake with big windows through which we watch Michigan transform itself throughout the year. Michigan is a truly beautiful state in every season.

Although I no longer do portrait work, I enjoyed photographing brides, babies, puppies, and people. I was a member of Professional Photographers of America, participating in their competitions and training. I earned Detroit Photographer of the Year in 2009/2010. I was so sure I'd never win that I didn't show up at the annual black-tie ceremony. Imagine them calling my name while I was sound asleep an hour away. Darn! After I retired from photographing weddings, I realized how much I missed them, so I became an officiant and now create custom ceremonies. The love and joy a couple and their family exude on the day of a wedding is magical.

The great Ansel Adams said, “You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” So looking at my artwork, it is my sincere hope you will come to know me, as my artwork is a testament to my life... and life is truly beautiful. Please sign up for my mailings, for exclusive offers, and information that will help you make better photographs. Together, we can make this journey we are on a more beautiful one. Sending you love...

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